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LOL Meaning:What is the real meaning of lol


is one of a few common acronyms for laughter, laughing out loud or lots of love.The Word LOL is commonly used in chat rooms, facebook messenger, WhatsApp and on other chatting sites.You will also see variations like LOLZ, LOLS and LOLX.Many of you don’t know what actually LOL Meaning.So, after reading this article you will come to know what is the real meaning lol.


what is the real meaning of lol


What is the real meaning of lol?

After asking hundreds of people around the world that what is the real meaning of lol the answers we mostly got is





83% people answered this and remaining 17% people told the following meaning of LOL.




  • Land Of Liberty
  • Log off Loser
  • Little Or Lot
  • Left Over Love
  • Laugh Or Leave
  • Loser Of Losers
  • Lil’ Ole Lady
  • Lots Of Lies
  • Live Or Leave
  • Live On Line

As I told you above that 83% people told the meaning of LOL is laughing out loud.So it means LOL is mostly used for Laughing at someone.

Here is an example.

what is the real meaning of lol

Similar terms which people mostly use as LOL are:

  • Lols
  • Lolz
  • Lolx
  • Loll

Lol Meaning in Urdu or Hindi:

You can say LOL Meaning in Urdu is “Phoot Phoot kr hansna” ya “zoor zoor sy ksi par hansana”.


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